ZEE ASHA was born in Hammersmith, England on April 1st; she is very proud of her Blackfoot native American heritage. It's no wonder then that she has a particular passion for collecting turquoise and silver jewelry! She also enjoys astrology and Motown. Barbra Streisand is one of Zee's favorite singers.

    At an early age she attended the Barbara Speake Stage School, a drama school owned and operated by the mother of Phil Collins. This would in time lead her to bit parts in UK TV shows such as "Absolutely Fabulous" and "Bad Girls", to singing on many advertisements and commercials, her own solo recordings and songwriting for other artists.

    In 1984 Zee first sang in a duet with Meatloaf on the tune "Jumpin' The Gun" from the LP "Bad Attitude". She was also a background singer with Kaja (formerly Kajagoogoo) on their 1985 LP "Crazy Peoples Right To Speak". "Move Closer", released in 1991, was Zee's first solo single.

    Her continuing artistic partnership and grateful friendship with Boy George however is of no surprise to her fans! Her stellar vocal work landed her a position as a backup singer in George's "Jesus Loves You" band (being referred by friend John Themis), in 1991 adding her vocals to "You Can't Always Get What You Want", and then on to many of Boy George's solo projects and recordings.

    She was a major vocalist on his "Satan's Butterfly Ball" solo world tour in 1995, wowing the audiences with her superb cover version of the Shirley Bassey hit "I Who Have Nothing."

    Zee has now gone on to record backing vocals with the re-united Culture Club on the "VH1/Greatest Moments" and "Don't Mind If I Do" albums and continues to tour with them.

    She also toured France as a backing singer with the group Archives in 1999. A bootleg of a radio broadcast show does exist.

    Earlier in 1998 her vocals were added to the song "Betrayal", (formerly "You Lied") penned by Boy George for the Kinky Roland album "B-12". With several solo singles recorded, Zee has had to date four top ten electrifying dance club solo singles hits. Her first top ten hit "Dreamtime" also had a brilliant companion video shot entirely in the home of Boy George.

    She has written music for several other artists, as well as herself. In addition to songs written for Mary Kiani ("I Imagine" & "When I Call Your Name"), Zee has also written "Just When I Thought" for British singer Louise and Polish model-turned-singer Edyta Gorniak has recorded "Miles and Miles Away", going platinum with that tune in her native country.

    More recently Zee was a top-three finalist in the Song For Europe competition, a very important slot to be in, for her song "Never In A Million Years." Sadly, due to competition rules and unbeknown to her, that song was disqualified due to its release on a compilation dance LP in Hungary a few years past, a fact that Zee's former management had never informed her of. Needless to say it was a huge disappointment for her as well as fans because this dynamic song had full potential to take her career to a new dimension and level.

    Zee is currently appearing as Mama Morton, in 'Chicago' at the Cambridge Theatre, WC2, from 25 February, 2008 and sings with BOY GEORGE on the debut "songs that made you cry and dance" 2008 BOY GEORGE'S TOUR.

    Not one to ever sit idle, Zee is full of upcoming projects.You WILL be hearing from the Diva "that can hold her own anywhere" a lot more in the near future!  Taken from http://www.zeeasha.net

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