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    Notorious for his gender-bending dress sense, at the forefront of the avant-garde 1980s scene, Boy George has been to hell and back since the height of Boy George mania in the early 1980s. Culture Club, George's pioneering band, went into eclipse. His hushed-up relationship with drummer Jon Moss fell apart. George found a new obsession - drugs. The tragic deaths of two close friends and two drug convictions brought shame and despair. This book tells the story of Boy George, of the highs and lows, the family struggles, bully boys and transvestites, friends, lovers and an obsessive media infatuation. George O'Dowd went through the agony of withdrawal and re-evaluated his life. Now, working and successful again, he tells his tale.

    Take It Like a Man: Autobiography of Boy George (Paperback)

         US edition



     French edition ED M. LAFFONT but withdrawn of the sale 1995.

    Karma Cookbook (Hardcover) by Boy George (Author), Dragana Brown (Author)


    When pop icon, Boy George, discovered macrobiotic cooking, it changed his life - bringing him new levels of energy and health. This lively book, packed with anecdotes and reminiscences, blows away the preconception that macrobiotic cooking means bland, worthy dishes of rice and lentils. Instead, George provides us with a selection of more than 100 easy-to-follow delicious recipes, created by his great friend and macrobiotic mentor, Dragana Brown. His choice includes breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes, as well as snacks and desserts and meals that can be eaten while travelling or when company is expected. There is information, too, on selecting ingredients that may be unfamiliar as well as new ways of cooking old favourites and the valuable contribution these particular ingredients make to your diet. In addition to his personal recommendations of individual recipes. George gives us a funny, first-hand account of how macrobiotic food can take its place in the busiest and most demanding modern lifestyle. Explaining that the food you eat affects your body's general wellbeing, George reveals in an unpretentious and light-hearted way, how an enjoyable change of diet can transform your quality of life.



    In the 13 years since the conclusion of the first part of his memoirs, Take It Like A Man, Boy George has reinvented himself. As that story closed, George was coming to terms with the fall-out from his drug addiction, the failure of his relationship with Jon Moss and the collapse of Culture Club. For lesser men this would have been the end but for George it became the start of a period of startling personal and creative reinvention. Told with George's trademark biting wit, brutal honesty and sparkling insight, this new book will bring his remarkable story up to date and follow his quest for personal happiness and creative success. Take It Like A Man saw George's struggle against drugs come to dominate his rapid rise to fame; this book will be an even more fascinating insight into what makes this superstar tick, tracing the momentous twists and turns of his personal and artistic life over the last decade-and-a-half to include his role as a world-class DJ spearheading the dance music revolution in clubs all over the world, his cutting-edge record label, and his role as the driving force behind and star of the theatrical sensation, Taboo, which recently opened on Broadway. This book will not just be a riveting companion volume to the bestselling Take It Like a Man, but a truly fascinating book in its own right.

     PAPERBACK 2007


    ... foreworld by BOY GEORGE


    DINAH O'DOWD : "Cry Salty Tears" is the tale of a mother's survival and eventual triumph over almost unbelievable domestic hardship. Not only did Dinah O'Dowd face the harsh and unforgiving elements of her background - an upbringing in poverty-stricken 50s Dublin, teenage pregnancy and a lone journey to London, but she also fought like a tigress against the shadows cast across four decades of her life by the dark central figure of her existence, her psychotically abusive husband Gerry. Over the years, Dinah suffered repeated physical assault, prolonged mental torture and destructive ignorance, yet successfully raised a family of six and nurtured the unique personality of a world superstar, her son Boy George. Finally, she has reached equilibrium in the wake of the death of her husband, and is now ready to tell her story, striking a chord with women everywhere. Unflinchingly honest, heart-rending in the telling and packed with inconsolable tragedy and biting wit, "Cry Salty Tears" recounts the long and painful journey Dinah had to take. From the moment when she first set eyes on the charming, blue-eyed Gerry, to the first blow he struck when she was pregnant with their child, the suicide attempt that depression and all encompassing fear led her to and ultimately to her release from his psychotic clutches, "Cry Salty Tears" tells how, despite it all, this extraordinary woman could at last reclaim her life.

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