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    From 2002 to 2004, under the pseudonym "the Twin", Boy George experimented in electronica, releasing limited edition 7" singles and promo records. Performed in small venues such as the Nag Nag Club, the material was considered innovative, but not commercially marketable. This period, however, was a very creative and liberating one for George; for "the Twin," could sing whatever he wanted. The limited releases included four 500 to 520 copies 7", one limited 12" (for Sanitized) and a promo cd, 1000 copies 13-track album Yum Yum. Two years later, it was released via digital outlets like itunes.





    HERE COMES THE GIRL : A.Replican Mix / B.Supalaska Mix  PROT127


          limited 8 copies promo 7"

    ELECTRO HETERO : A. Original Mix / B Replicant Mix PROT128


        limited 10 copies 7" promo


    SANITISED : A Dub Versive Mix / B Replicant Mix  PROT129.


          limited 10 copies 7" promo

    HUMAN RACING : A SupaLaska Remix  (4:00) / B Replicant Remix (4:55) PROT130



       limited 10 copies 12" promo


    SANITISED THE REMIXES 12" :   A1 Kinky Roland Mix / A2.Frosty Boy Mix / B1.T Total Mix / B2. DJ Supalaska Mix PROT131




    1.Here Cum The Girls part2 . 2.Yum Yum  3.Electro Hetero . 4.Disco Ugly . 5.Size Queen 6.Human Racing 7.So Much Love . 8.Sanitised  9.Fire-Desire featuring Avenue D . 10.Garden of Eden .11. Who Made U? . 12.Never Over U   13.After Dark . YUMCDX01


    Yum Yum (Promo only DVD Album Sampler)

    1. The Twin interview from New York /2. Here Come The Girls (Live at the ICA)/3. Electro Hetero (Live at the ICA)/4. Sorrow (Live at the ICA)/5. Nothing (Live at ICA)/6. Who Made You (Live at ICA) /7. Out Of Fashion (Music Video) /8. Radio One (Music Video live Backstage)/9. Here Come The Girls (Music Video) .


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