On Virgin ltd compagny

    PROT 1 E-ZEE POSSEE " Everything Begins With An 'E' "

    PROT 2 JESUS LOVES YOU After The Love


    PROT 4 E-ZEE POSSEE The Sun Machine

    PROT 5 JESUS LOVES YOU You Genrations of Love

    PROT 6 EVE GALLAGHER Love Come Down


    PROT 8 JESUS LOVES YOU Bown Down Mister

    PROT 9 MC KINKY Get Over It

    PROT 10 JESUS LOVES YOU Generations Of Love The 1991Remixes

    PROT 11 EVE GALLAGHER Love Is A Master Of Disguise

    PROT 12 E-ZEE POSSEE Breathing Is E-Zee

    PROT 13 JESUS LOVES YOU After The Love The 1991 Remixes

    PROT 14 EVE GALLAGHER Love Come Down The 1991 Remixes


    PROT 15 I-SUS AD Pressure

    PROT 16 MC KINKY Inna We Kingdom

    PROT 17 JAGDEEP SINGH Who's Gonna Love You?

    PROT 18 E-ZEE POSSEE Geddit

    PROT 19 EVE GALLAGHER Heaven Has To Wait

    PROT 20 E-ZEE POSSEE Love On Love The Remixes


    With other records compagny

    PROT101 EVE GALLAGHER Change Your Mind

    PROT 102 AMOS Only Saw Today

    PROT 103 EVE GALLAGHER You Can Have it All

    PROT 104 AMOS Let Love Shine

    PROT105 LIPPY LOU Liberation

    PROT106 EVE GALLAGHER Love Come Down The 96 Remixes

    PROT107 ZEE Dreamtine

    PROT108 AMOS Church of Fredoom

    PROT109 LIPPY LOU Freaks

    PROT110/111 AMOS Come Away ( 4 Da Floor )

    PROT112 BOY GEORGE Sad/Satan Butterfly Ball

    PROT113 E-ZEE POSSEE Love On love The 1996 Remixes

    PROT114 JESUS LOVES YOU Generations Of Love The 1996 Remixes

    PROT115-116 MIMICRY Sad Hero Ep

    PROT117 ZEE Say My Name

    PROT118 ANORAK Anorak is Ep

    PROT119 KINKY ROLAND Brazil Ep

    PROT120  KINKY ROLAND Bonkas Ep

    PROT121 COLEIN Spreading The light


    PROT122 EVE GALLAGHER Don't let it be Missunderstood

    PROT123 BOY GEORGE Love Is Leaving

    PROT124 EVE GALLAGHER Last Night

    PROT125 COLEIN Black 47EP

    PROT126 BOY GEORGE When Will You Learn

    PROPARTS001 E-ZEE POSSEE Everything Starts With An Acapella

    PROT127 THE TWIN Here Comes The Girl

    PROT128 THE TWIN Electro Hetero

    PROT129 THE TWIN Sanitised

    PROT130 THE TWIN Human Racing

    PROT131 THE TWIN Sanitised Remix

    PROT132 JESUS LOVES YOU Love Your Brother



    CUMCD1 JESUS LOVES YOU The Martyr Mantras

    CUMCD2 E-ZEE POSSEE The Bone Dance

    CMMD1 Closet Classics Volume 1

    MPCD101 EVE GALLAGHER Woman Can Have It

    MPCD102 Closet Classics Volume Two

    MPCD103 VARIOUS Don't Ajust Your Set



    Gross National Product

    In 1997 GEORGE creates second label GROSS NATIONAL PRODUCT ( GNP ) only on 12" vinyl with colored sleeves. The style is electronic and garge music. Most of the music is writen and produced by Roland FEBER alias KINKY ROLAND.

    GNP001 RUDE BOY "Ruthless / Restless" 1997 : a.Ruthless / b. Restless

    GNP002 RUDE BOY "Run De Dance / Who Dunnit" 1998 : a. Run De Dance / b.Who Dunnit

    GNP003 QUERELLE " Show Me" 1998 : a.Rude Boy Respect Dub / b1. MPC Jazzed Up Dub / b2.Original

    GNP004 THE MP'C "Thinkin' About Me / I'll Be There" 1998 : a.F**ked Up Disco Mix / b.Atmoshuffle Mix

    GNP005 KINKY ROLAND "Born Funky" 1998 : a.Born Funky / b.Born Funky (Dub)

    GNP006 KINKY ROLAND "The Sound" 1998 : a.The Sound / b.The Sound (The Harder Sound)

    GNP007 Sister Sledge vs. Kinky Roland  "The Greatest Dancer" 1999: a.The Greatest Dancer (Vocal) / b. The Greatest Dancer (Dub) - promo only-

    GNP008 Kinky Roland "Get Some / Salvation" 1999 : a1. Get Some (Original Mix) / a2.Get Some (Vocal Edit) / b.Salvation

    GNP009 KINKY ROLAND "The Habit" 1999 : a1.The Habit / b1. Another Habit / b2.Take You Ther

    GNP010 KINKY ROLAND "Atlantic House 1" 1999 : a. What You Waitin 4 / b. Lovebreaker -promo only-

    GNP011 LONDON FIESTA "Keep That Feeling High" 1999 : a1.Kinky Roland Remix (5:36) / a2.The MPC's Remix (5:26) / b1.Mr Jacks Remix Reshuffle (5:19) / b2.Klub Mix Reshuffle (5:35).

    GNP012 BOOGIE MACS "Sugar Dum Dum" 1999 : a. Sugar Dum Dum (7:48) / b.Baby (8:48)

    GNP014 KINKY ROLAND "This Time Round" 1999 : a.The Dark & Lovely Mix / b.Original -promo only-

    GNP015 FREDDY & HERMAN " Aquarius" 1999 : a. Aquarius (Version) / b.Aquarius (Original Mix)


    Third World Disco

    In 1998 GEORGE create antoher label Third World Disco with House, Trip Hop, Downtempo music.

    TWD01 SPONG "Stickleback" 1998 : a1.Phunkin' El /a2.Moovism /a3.Stonedage Man /b1.Venus In Furs /b2.Beautiful Music /b3.Farewell Performance Of The Spongo Al Stars 2012AD .

    TWD02 VARIOUS "Steps In Stone EP" 1998 : A1. Gravity's Rainbow -The Funk Boutique / A2.The Benchplayers - We Can Walk It Out / B1. SPONG - Oc- / B2.THE BARON - Clap Ya Hands.

    TWD03 VARIOUS "Another EP Thing" 1999 : a1. FONSECA "Whats In Your Mind" / a2. RAG "Doors To Manual" / b1. BOOGIE MACS "Boom Wreckin" / b2. SPONG "Like I Love You".





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