MORE PROTEIN 2001 EL HULA "ICE CREAM CITY " : 1. Ice Cream City

    MORE PROTEIN EL HULA Hotel 2001 IPLPCD2 :  1. Under the Meltin' Moon/2. IceCreamCity/3. Augustine/4. St. Caroline, Pawn In You Halo/5. House Of The Rising Sun/6. Eyes Of Blue/7. Everything But You/8. La Boogie Pesadilla/9. El Flamin' Bonanza/10. Planet Harem/11. Mongolian Shuffle/12. Ferris Wheel

    MORE PROTEIN EL HULA Songs Of Violent Love EP 2003  promotional CD for the EP : 1. Songs Of Violent Love /2. Eyes Of Blue /3. Honalula /4. Eyes Of Blue - Video

    MORE PROTEIN 2003 EL HULA VIOLENT LOVE : 1. Gems /2. Arena of my Soul /3. Eyes of Blue /4. Bitter Girl /5. Songs of Violent Love /6. When the Devil Arrives at my Door /7. Killer Landings
    8. Beautiful Day (like tomorrow) /9. Swampman/10. Marigold.


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