1. Move Away
    2. I Pray
    3. Work On Me Baby
    4. Gusto Blusto
    5. Heaven's Children
    6. God Thank You Woman
    7. Reasons
    8. Too Bad
    9. Come Clean
    10. Sexuality
    11. Move Away - Extended Version
    12. God Thank You Woman - Extended Version
    13. Sexuality - Extended

    This album was branded a failure when it was released back in 1986, mainly due to Boy George's bad press at the time and the fact it didn't produce a string of hit singles like the group's previous 3 albums did. However, From Luxury To Heartache is a collection of clever, catchy pop songs that can lift you up from start to finish. From the brilliant opener, Move Away, through to the wacky Gustoblusto and the heart-felt God Thank You Woman, this thoroughly under-valued album is Culture Club on true form. There will never be another Colour By Numbers- but this is the next best thing!

    1. Move Away
    2. Sexuality



    1. Move Away - Extended Version
    2. Sexuality - Tango Dub Remix Version



    1986 EXTENDED 12" :

    1. God Thank You Woman - Extended Version
    2. From Luxury To Heartache - It's All Her Fault Mix


     1986 : 1. Gusto Blusto - Rock Mix 4:56
              2. Gusto Blusto - Extended Dance Mix 6:38

    DJ PROMO: 1. Gusto Blusto - Rock Mix 4:56 / 2. Gusto Blusto - Dance Mix 6:38

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