Vocalist and Songwriter Linda Duggan is writing with Richie Stevens (dubversive) and Kinky Roland, she has worked with Boy George, Paul Wella, Mick Jagger, Soul to Soul . http://www.myspace.com/colein


    MORE PROTEIN 1997 -PROTDJ- 121 -Spreading The Light : A1.Spreading The Light (Tomislav Club Mix) / B1.Spreading The Light (Kinky Boy Mix) /B2.Spreading The Light (Tomislav Dub)

    MORE PROTEIN 1997 Spreading The Light -PROTX- 121 -: Without Your Love (Radio Edit) / Spreading The Light (Radio Edit) / Our Wedding Day (Original Version) / Spreading The Light (Ramp Remix Edit) .

    MORE PROTEIN 1997 -PROT 121 -Spreading The Light (33-pm RAMP Remixes): A1 Spreading The Light (Ramp Club) /A2 Spreading The Light (Ramp Dub) /AA1 Spreading The Light (Slacker Mix)

    MORE PROTEIN 1997 -PROT CD121 -Spreading The Light (Remixes):  1 Spreading The Light (Ramp Vocal Mix Club) / 2 Spreading The Light (Ramp Radio Edit ) /3. Spreading The Light (Slacker Mix) / 4. Spreading The Light (Colein Mix)

    MORE PROTEIN 1997 -PROT 121 Ten A Penny Singer EP A1 Without Your Love /A2 Without Your Dub /B1 Spreading The Light /B2 Our Wedding Day

    MORE PROTEIN 1998 "BLACK 47"PROT125-12  : 1.Black 47  / 2.Metal Grey  / 3.Ideal Healer

    MORE PROTEIN 1998 "BLACK 47"PROTCD125  :1.Edit / 2.Black 47 / 3. Metal Grey / 4.Ideal Healer / 5.Black Dub / 6.Metal Dub / 7.Ideal Dub


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    Jagdeep Singh's Love Inside My Heart has taken the former session musician to the stars back in front of the mic. Those with encyclopaedia-like music memories might recall his debut single in 1993 on Boy George's former label called More Protein, which was part of the Virgin Records empire. Who's Gonna Love You? co-written by Mr. George and Mr. Singh, received airplay on R 'n' B music stations alongside Asian music radio as he became the torch carrier for the new Asian music generation. But, as soon as he had appeared, he vanished! To cut a very long story short, the man with the unique voice is back with a new sound, a new image and a track that's igniting the R 'n' B airwaves big time!

    MORE PROTEIN  1992 PROT 1707 JAGDEEP SINGH : Who's Gonna Love You -Essential Mix-: A1. Who's Gonna Love You? - I-Sus Ad 7" Mix / B1. Who's Gonna Love You? - Essentials Mix

    MORE PROTEIN  1992 PROT 1712 & PROT -DJ-1712 JAGDEEP SINGH A1.Who's Gonna Love You? (I-Sus Ad Mix) / A2. Who's Gonna Love You? (Instrumental) / AA1.Who's Gonna Love You? (The Essential Summer Mix) / AA2. Who's Gonna Love You? (The Essential Summer Instrumental)

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    MORE PROTEIN 1991 "PRESSURE" PROTDJ-1512 : A1.Pressure (12") / A2.Pressure (Acamental) / B1.Pressure (Roots) / B2.Pressure (P.A. Mix).

    MORE PROTEIN 1992 "DARKISSOUR " PROT-2112 : A1.Darkissour (Ybu Deep Mix) / A2.Darkissour (I-Sus Roots Rock Mix) / B1.Darkissour (Tek No Prisoners Mix) / B2.Darkissour (Chaos Edit).



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    MORE PROTEIN JESUS LOVES YOU feat. BOY GEORGE- 07/2005 PROT132X-12" promo : 1. "Love Your Brother" (original version)

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    JESUS LOVES YOU 1992 UK limited edition 4-track CD single: SWEET TOXIC LOVE 1. Deliverance Mix/ 2. Hootenanny Mix / Am I Losing Control 1.Disco Mix / 2. Dizzy Tequila Mix also includes collectors biography booklet Digipak with insert featuring an extract from Boy George's "Taking It Like A Man" biography. Sleevenotes: "Taken from the forthcoming album Popularity Breeds Contempt , VSCDX1449.

    JESUS LOVES YOU VST-DJ-1449 Am I Losing Control 1992 UK promo 4-track 12" : A1. Am I Losing Control (Disco Mix) / A2.Sweet Toxic Love (Hootenanny Mix)/B1.Am I Losing Control (Dizzy Tequila Mix) / B2. Oh Lord

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