At the end of the 80s, with his solo career in post- heroin addiction doldrums, Boy George elected to release increasingly dance-oriented tracks under the alias Jesus Loves You via his Virgin-funded imprint More Protein. For his writers credit he named himself Angela Dust. This creative rebirth was a clever move - clubland and critics praised the songs.

    The 1991 album, The Martyr Mantras, included George's first UK top 40 hit since 1987, Bow Down Mister - a song originally written for an aborted Culture Club reunion. It should be noted that in many countries The Martyr Mantras and its singles were marketed as Boy George solo releases, with no mention of the Jesus Loves You name.


    A second album, Popularity Breeds Contempt, was written and scheduled for a late '92 release. Its lead single, Sweet Toxic Love c/w Am I Losing Control, missed the charts, and the album disappeared from release schedules. 1995 saw the return of the Boy George moniker and a move away from the dancefloor.



  • PROT02 After The Love(*) (1989) UK #68, ITA #12
  • PROT 05 Generations Of Love(*) (1990) UK #80
  • PROT 07 One On One(*) (1990) UK #83
  • PROT 08 Bow Down Mister(*) (1991) UK #27, GER #6, FRA #8
  • PROT10 Generations Of Love 91(*) (1991) UK #35, HOL #12
  • PROT13 After The Love 91(*) (1991) UK #89 ?
  • PROT115 Generations Of Love 98(*) (1998) ¤
  • PROT127 Here Come The Girls (The Twin) (2003) (limited edition)
  • PROT128 Electro Hetero (The Twin) (2003) (limited edition)
  • PROT129 Sanitised (The Twin) (2003) (limited edition)
  • PROT130 Human Racing (The Twin) (2004) (limited edition)
  • PROT132 Love Your Brother(*) (2005) (12" promo only)

     The Martyr Mantras (1990) UK #60 (released with the Jesus Loves You name in UK)

     Yum Yum (as The Twin) (2004)


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