Born Caron Geary, MC Kinky has collaborated some times with Eightiessuperstar, in particular as regards the toastin’ section of the original version of "Kipsy", included in "Tense Nervous Headache" (1988), George’s second solo album. A different mix of the song, much more acid-sounding, as well as more deeply sung, is contained in the 4 CD-set titled "Culture Club - Box Set" (2002), and presents a much longer toastin’ than the edit version on the 1988 album, which features a remarkable text portion cut out. Another important collaboration between the female toaster and Boy George is represented by the co-writing on one of the Anglo-Irish artist's most famous underground tracks, "Generations Of Love", opener of his fourth studio album, Jesus Loves You - The Martyr Mantras, composed by George himself (though under the pseudonym of Angela Dust), by producer Simon Rogers and by Caron, who has signed the song with her real surname, that is Geary. The first single by E-Zee Possee was also co-written by MC Kinky, Angela Dust and Simon Rogers, along with Jeremy Healy, co-producer of the track (the other co-producer on the song being Rogers himself), and also friend of Boy George's.

    "Everything Starts With an 'E'", E-Zee Possee’s biggest chart success, was originally released in Summer 1989, and received very little success, peaking at #69 in the UK, and leaving the charts after only one week. However, the single was re-released less than a year later, in March 1990 and made it all the way to #15 on the UK Singles Chart, more than 50 times higher than the original chart placing, staying among the first 75 positions for 8 weeks, making it the longest chart running for the band. The group released two more singles, "The Sun Machine" (again in 1990) and "Breathing is E-Zee" (in 1991, though credited to E-Zee Possee featuring Tara Newley), which both failed commercially, reaching #62 (3 weeks totally in the charts) and #72 (only 1 week) in the UK, respectively. In between the very first release and subsequent re-entry of their most successful single, the band gets instead another flop, that is "Love On Love", chronologically the group’s second single, only reaching Number 59, and staying in the charts for just 3 weeks.


    JEREMY HEALY                                 JEREMY HEALY & DR MOUTHQUAKE Official virgin promo picture 

    "Everything Starts With an 'E'", rather controversial track due to its lyrics, explicitly dealing with drugs, in particular ecstasy, was released, at the time, by Boy George’s independent label, the above mentioned More Protein, just like all the other singles from the band, the first single being particularly important for the young label though: the very first single by the group also represents in fact the very first single ever marketed by the dance label, as the catalogue number of the track does indeed show, featuring the historical code {More Protein PROT 1}. The track was also re-released, with new remixes, in 1996, six years after its first successful re-entry in the charts, and seven years after its very first release, not as lucky.

    JEREMY HEALY, MC KINKY & SIMON  ROGERS Official virgin promo picture.


    1989 : "Everything Starts With An 'E'" / 1990 : "Love On Love" / 1990 : "The Sun Machine" / 1991 : "Breathing Is E-Zee" / 1992 : "GEDDIT".


    1992 : THE BONE DANCE



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