Tell-all books and TV shows later explained that Culture Club was slowly imploding under the weight of intra-band tensions and Boy George's increasing drug addiction, but upon itsrelease in 1984, WAKING UP WITH THE HOUSE ON FIRE just sounded strained and odd. Listening to the album in hindsight, its charms are more apparent, and the discomfort of its creation is readily audible in the subtle tension of songs like "Dangerous Man" and the sweeping ballad "Mistake Number Three". George is in fine voice, and the band's playing is as smooth and relaxed as always, but there's no denying that the songwriting is uneven--the plainly imbecilic "The War Song" was a horrid choice for the first single--and there's an unsettling sense of listening to the psychic collapse of a once-promising talent. Waking up with the house on fire indeed...


    1. Dangerous man
    2. War song
    3. Unfortunate thing
    4. Crime time
    5. Mistake no 3
    6. Dive
    7. Medal song
    8. Don't talk about it
    9. Mannequin
    10. Hello goodbye

    1. Dangerous Man
    2. The War Song
    3. Unfortunate Thing
    4. Crime Time
    5. Mistake Number 3
    6. The Dive
    7. The Medal Song
    8. Don't Talk About It
    9. Mannequin
    10. Hello Goodbye
    11. La Cancion De Guerra - Bonus Track
    12. Love Is Love - Bonus Track
    13. The Dream - Bonus Track
    14. Don't Go Down That Street - Bonus Track

      Waking Up With The House On Fire - japanese test pressing 

        picture disc


    1984 :

    1. The War Song - Ultimate Dance Mix
    2. The War Song - Shriek Mix
    3. La Cancion De Guerra

     BRAZILIAN EDITION : 1. Canção Da Guerra - The War Song
    2. Canção Da Guerra - La Cancion De Guerra

    1. The Medal Song
    2. Don't Go Down That Street

      picture disc


       french 7"

      1985 Brazilian edition 1. Culture Club - Amor E Amor - Love Is Love/2. Giorgio Moroder - Tema De Maleline - Madeline's Theme

    1984: CULTURE CLUB Love Is Love (1984 Japanese 5-track promo 12" including Don't Go Down That Street, Medal Song Extended Mix, Love Is Love, Don't Talk About It & War Song French Version.


    1984: 1. Don't Go Down That Street - Single Version /2. Mistake No 3

    1984: 1.Mistake Number 3 / 2.Don't Go Down That Street / 3.Crime Time




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