DON'T MIND IF I DO 1999



    This album should be terrible. It isn't. That's the first minor miracle. The second minor miracle is that the reunited Culture Club aren't only likeable, but they're probably even better (musically-speaking) this time around. Much of this is due to Boy George's increasing confidence, which has grown alongside his credibility as both a DJ and a bona fide pop star. He still retains his heart and drag queen sentimentality but rarely has his voice sounded so assured, so fully rounded. Tracks like the buoyant opener "I Just Wanna Be Loved" and single "Your Kisses Are Charity" could have been taken direct from COLOUR BY NUMBERS and even the by-now predictable tribute to David Bowie ("Starman") isn't as half as cloying as it might have been. All right, so the music might be the same recognisable Culture Club (soulful, reggae-ish, orchestrated backing) but it's still just so pleasing.

    1. I just wanna be loved
    2. Cold shoulder
    3. Maybe I'm a fool
    4. Sign language
    5. Mirror
    6. Black comedy
    7. Your kisses are charity
    8. Weep for the child
    9. See thru
    10. Strange voodoo
    11. Truth behind the smile
    12. Fat cat
    13. Confidence trick
    14. Starman
    15. Less than perfect


    Your Kisses Are Charity 1999 ( CHARTS UK N°25 )


    1. Blouse & Skirt Mix                                       4. Your Kisses Are Charity - Dolly Mix featuring Dolly Parton
    2. Delirum Tremors Mix                                    5. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me - Kinky Disco Mix
    3. Ninja Dub                                                  6. Time (Clock Of The Heart) - Quivers Amityville Mix

       Radio Edit 1999 UK 1-track promo CD


    CULTURE CLUB Cold Shoulder 1999 1.Starman  2.Your Kisses Are Charity Dolly Mix 5 ( CHART UK n°43)


    CULTURE CLUB Cold Shoulder/Starman :1999 UK 2-track promo CD

    CULTURE CLUB Cold Shoulder/Starman : Official 1999 UK Virgin 2-track promotional only Edits CD-R acetate .

    ABBAMANIA 1999







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